The BUHLMANN GROUP even provides comprehensive consultancy services before the operative implementation of individual large-scale pipeline, plant and power station projects commences. As members of the engineering project team, BUHLMANN GROUP employees have many years of experience and know-how, and it is this that enables them to locate a solution that is as market-oriented as it is cost-effective, always in the interest of the customer. 

In keeping with its objective of process cost optimisation, the BUHLMANN GROUP offers the following consultancy services:

  • Supplier selection 
  • Material specification
  • Determining material qualities
  • Drawing up item lists
  • Advice on product ranges from individual works

It is thanks to this broad-based and well-founded consultancy service that the BUHLMANN GROUP is always able to achieve maximum results with a level of customer satisfaction that is repeatedly honoured by 'best supplier' and similar awards. 

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