The BUHLMANN GROUP, as an expert in the sector of Special Materials, supplies pipes, tubes, fittings and flanges made of duplex, nickel alloys, titanium and other special grades. These kind of materials are applied in the chemical process industry, in power engineering, the oil and gas industry and for the production of phosphate fertilizer and industrial furnaces as well.

For detailed information about our product range for Special Materials please get in touch with our specialists of our Competence Centre Special Materials via following e-mail: specialmaterials(at)

Here you find an overview of our Special Materials program.

Special Materials (UNS):

MaterialMaterial gradeMaterial No.
Alloy 200N022002.4066
Alloy 201N022012.4068
Alloy 400N044002.4360
Alloy 600N066002.4851
Alloy 625N066252.4856
Alloy 718N077182.4668
Alloy 800HN088101.4876
Alloy 800 HTN088111.4876
Alloy 825N088252.4858
Alloy 926N089261.4529
Alloy 20N080202.4660
Alloy 31N080311.4562
Alloy 59N060592.4605
Zirconium 702R60702
Alloy B-2N106652.4617
Allloy B-3N106752.4600
Alloy C-4N064552.4610
Alloy C-276N102762.4819
Alloy C-22N062002.4602
Alloy C-2000N062002.4675
Titan Grade 2R504003.7035
Titan Grade 5R564003.7165
Titan Grade 7R524003.7235
and all other special grades...




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