The BUHLMANN GROUP'S supply-chain management is fully oriented towards the interests of the customer. The efficiently positioned value chain enables the BUHLMANN GROUP to command reliable procurement channels for procuring products which for others would be difficult to obtain or would only be available with a considerable delay. This means we can supply materials of all standards and qualities in the short term, thus guaranteeing punctual operations.

In order to offer customers a consistently high quality, the BUHLMANN GROUP conducts a continual assessment of its suppliers upstream in the value chain. This takes the form of an enhanced incoming goods inspection, including dimensional, stamp and certificate inspections and spectral analysis. Additional material testings and inspections are conducted in association with MT Laboratories GmbH. The BUHLMANN GROUP generally cooperates with large customers in conducting supplier approvals (by accredited classification companies).

In general, the BUHLMANN GROUP cooperates with the following inspections and classification companies:

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