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Focus on the High-quality Product: Quality Day at Vallourec

Dr. Christian Baum at Vallourec's Quality Day

BUHLMANN GROUP stands for premium quality. This is, of course, also reflected in the supplier selection process. Vallourec is a close partner and a guarantor for high quality steel pipes. The French manufacturer also attaches great importance to the quality of its products. Christian Baum, Buhlmann's Director Technical Business Division, was convinced of this at the company's Quality Day this summer.

'On Quality Day, in all factories worldwide, everything revolves around product quality for a whole day. The aim is to sensitise employees for the topic and thus improve quality,' Dr. Christian Baum explains the background to the campaign day. At each site, a video message from the CEO Philippe Crouzet is first shown, in which he discusses those areas with potential for improvement. Numerous workshops also offer learning opportunities.

In addition, customers are invited to listen to specialists and executives illustrate the importance and scope of their daily work routine from an external point-of-view. 'For this reason, I spoke at the Reisholz factory in front of around 50 guests on quality features and requirements from the customers' perspective,' says Dr. Christian Baum. Following a presentation of the BUHLMANN GROUP aimed at bringing the audience closer to the company's premium philosophy, which is also expected from suppliers, he talked about Vallourec from BUHLMANN's perspective. 'Here, I discussed the quality features and requirements that are important to us, including some critical remarks,' explains Dr. Christian Baum. Among other things, supplier evaluations, sustainability, complaint handling, customer care and communications were discussed. Overall, Dr. Christian Baum attested the high-quality products, well-suited to Buhlmann GROUP as a premium trading house, to the guests. Other quality features such as delivery reliability, markings or documentation, which are inseparably connected to the product, were also discussed. However, the lecture visitors especially enjoyed the feedback on the Reisholz site: 'The work methodology is exemplary and the products are manufactured with great precision. From our point of view, the factory has model character', said Dr. Christian Baum.

BUHLMANN Industrie Technik: Off to Pastures New

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Technical building services, foodstuffs and refrigeration: just three examples of the new fields that BUHLMANN GROUP has been developing since the 1st of August. Based in Duisburg, BUHLMANN Industrie Technik GmbH will, in the future, be offering pipe material and pipe accessories in new fields.

Among other things, we will be focussing on the foodstuffs industry, technical building services, and compressed air and firefighting systems. “We also aim to incorporate other fields in order to establish an even broader base”, explains Arno Hofmann. He is the managing director of the new subsidiary company and, together with his team, appreciates the prevailing conditions at the BUHLMANN GROUP: “We are in a very good starting position thanks to the existing infrastructure and departments such as logistics and IT, as well as the range of products and our large warehouse capacity. Of course, the new automated small parts storage system plays an important role in guaranteeing fast and flexible delivery. Cooperation with our surface coating partner Surfection, located in the immediate neighbourhood, enables us to offer additional benefits, which we also aim to utilise.”

Arno Hofmann also sees great opportunities in the market with existing customer potential: “Here, we are not concentrating on our customers´” product pipelines, but rather on their technical building services”, he explains, adding: “In addition, BUHLMANN Industrie Technik offers materials for dealing with water and wastewater, as well as for compressed air and firefighting piping.” They are available in carbon or stainless steel as well as in boiler tube grades.

Uncharted territory for BUHLMANN
“We also intend to win customers from previously non-BUHLMANN sectors and similarly consider their needs”, says Arno Hofmann. This includes, for example, the foodstuffs industry and here, among others, the beverages industry. “For example, we can not only supply a dairy with the materials required for building services but also for its supply and disposal lines”, he explains. “In the long term, we aim to be positioned in such a way that we can create a range of synergies for our customers and order different products to meet different needs right from within our group”, outlined Arno Hofmann, explaining one of BUHLMANN Industrie Technik´s goals.

The remaining goals are clearly defined: “We intend to become one of the most important players in our field, just as BUHLMANN is already in other industries”, explains Arno Hofmann, adding: “However, to achieve this we first have to make our presence felt and prove ourselves in the market.” He is an ideal player for achieving this – after all, Arno Hofmann is no stranger to the industry: “Whether industry, civil engineering, domestic services and building services engineering, foodstuffs production or various other market segments – I have worked in all these fields, and introducd and successfully distributed new products on the German market”, he explains.

BUHLMANN Industrie Technik can be contacted at the address:

More information can be found on this site.

Facilitating career entry for immigrants

Ronald Speidel (at the microphone) introduces the activities at BUHLMANN.

"Advisory services for the professional integration of immigrants": Under this name, various Bremen companies shared their experiences and exchanged ideas among themselves on September 3. In addition to Bremer Straßenbahn AG and the logistics provider Dachser, the BUHLMANN GROUP also reported on the previous cooperation with consulting services at the event, which took place as part of the 6th Bremen Integration Week. 

"We are still at a relatively early stage, but have already implemented a number of measures," says Ronald Speidel, Head of Human Resources, who presented these measures. "This includes, for example, cooperation with the Willkommenslotsen project of the Bremen Chamber of Industry and Commerce," he adds. Behind Willkommenslotsen are the supervisors of young fugitives, who get in touch with companies for them and arrange internships in order to facilitate career entry for both sides. At the branch located in Bremen, for example, this resulted in three internships during the summer. "An intern then began his apprenticeship with us as a specialist warehouse clerk," explains Ronald Speidel. In respect of this initial success, the cooperation is to be further expanded and strengthened in order to attract apprentices, employees and staff in this way in the future as well. These activities support on the one hand making integration easier for immigrants and on the other hand will foster their near-term entry to the labour market as employees. And that the BUHLMANN GROUP attaches great importance to cultural diversity and welcomes employees with migrant backgrounds is demonstrated by the fact that already a total of 20 different nationalities in Germany are part of the BUHLMANN GROUP. However, the exchange during the 6th Bremen Integration Week also showed that there are still many hurdles to overcome and that the language is often the largest of these. Therefore, the support of projects like the Willkommenslotsen or organisations like the IQ-Network, which also presented itself at the event, is immensely important.

A Milestone in Order Processing

Noticeably faster processing right from the start: the automatic small parts warehouse

The automatic small parts storage system has been in operation for several months at the BUHLMANN GROUP’s Duisburg site. The aim is to store the products to save space and to make the shipping process more efficient. Project management has revealed to us the current project status and what benefits are already noticeable.

“We have already noted that order picking is much faster because robots automatically bring the goods to the employees and they don’t need to collect the product themselves. So up to 125 removals per hour can be implemented, which is significantly more
efficient compared to conventional storage systems”, explained Michael Thölken, Head of Warehouse, drawing an initial conclusion. Together with Marco Niebur, Head of IT, he is responsible for project management in the automatic small parts storage system. “The system is self-optimising and constantly prepares the following orders by having the robots on the surface pre-sort the required material”, explainsMarco Niebur. This allows employees to retrieve it quickly for order picking.

“During initial filling, articles which the analysis revealed to have a high turnover rate were sorted into the warehouse. The entire process of initial filling will be completed at the end of May”, Michael Thölken explains the current situation. The fact that the warehousing process takes a lot of time is not surprising given the 50,000 boxes in which several products in a product group can be stored. In addition, every item to be warehouse dundergoes comprehensive quality control. “We will constantly analyse the system in order to unceasingly optimise the inventory in the automatic small parts storage system to meet the needs of our customers”, says Marco Niebur.

Rapid shipping
Following order picking, internal processing (markings, sealing face protection and more), packaging and shipping take place directly at the automatic small parts storage system. “Direct shipment via a parcel service provider is supported technically by the system and enables online tracking”, explains Marco Niebur. “In the future, the goods should be ready for shipment three hours after receiving the order”, Michael Thölken explains the further objectives. “And if the order is available to us by a given time, the goods are with our German customers within 24 hours and with our European customers within 48 hours. This would be a milestone, not only for us”, he adds.

However, the road to the automatic small parts storage system was a long one. “Incorporation of the new system into the existing one and the adaptation of processes presented us with an enormous challenge”, says Michael Thölken. Marco Niebur adds: “We collaborated very well with our external partners, but 95 percent of the work was completed by our own personnel. They invested around two-thirds of their entire working time in this project.”The project team was broadbased: together, representatives from the IT, Logistics, Job Preparation, Quality Assurance and Warehouse departments worked on successful implementation. “In retrospect, it can already be said that the entire project team has done a fantastic job”, Michael Thölken and Marco Niebur summarise the work done in recent months.


The new BUHLMANN booth will be at the TUBE 2018 again this year

Almost 1,000 exhibitors from 53 countries, over 52,000 square metres of exhibition space and more than 31,000 visitors from 134 countries expected – and at the heart of TUBE 2018 again: The BUHLMANN GROUP. The company will again stand out at its impressive booth which enjoyed its premier two years ago. A honeycomb patterned external skin allows everchanging views into and out of the booth, as well as being simultaneously open yet private. The executives from the BUHLMANN Group took the time to reveal what visitors to the trade fair between April 16 and 20 can expect.

“Anyone who visits our booth will, first and foremost, find experts to talk to”, says Jörg Klüver, Chief Operations Officer. They are well prepared for talks: “Whether it’s the market, the price or the replacement situation, our employees are highly motivated and are already looking forward to meeting our guests”, explains Christian Dörner, Director of the International Sales Division.

As a full-range supplier, the BUHLMANN GROUP has the answer to any question and this year will focus increasingly on supply security. Here, customers can rely on being helped by the booth personnel. “But even with regard to the delivery of a customer-specific, ready-to-install product or exceptional production options in terms of fittings, we can help the interested parties due to the greater possibilities that come with additionally supplying the pipe”, explains Frank Müller, Director of the Domestic Sales Division.

The automatic small parts warehouse

However, anyone who is primarily interested in BUHLMANN GROUP news will, of course, also find a contact person for this. “For example, we are happy to report on our automatic small parts storage system, which has recently been in use at the Duisburg site and offers numerous benefits to us and our customers”, says Jörg Klüver.

New on site for the BUHLMANN GROUP is Jean-Philippe van den Berg, who was recently appointed Director Sales at DYLAN. He has been working in the steel pipe business since 1984 and is looking forward to meeting many well-known faces at the BUHLMANN booth: “The interest in our booth is likely to be large as the number of stockists in the Netherlands decreases. Therefore, as one of the largest stockists, we will be presenting our comprehensive programme to our visitors”, he explains. Here, Jean-Philippe van den Berg focuses on the broad range: “Many know BUHLMANN for the range of special materials. In addition, we also stock large volumes of standard products, which is convenient for EPC companies to get projects started quickly.”

Large presence

However, not only the Sales departments are represented on site: “Since the first TUBE in 1988, I have participated in all trade fairs and expect, as so often, a new attendance record, especially against the background of the current market situation”, explains Wolfgang Hucklenbruch, Director of the Procurement Business Division. He is himself looking forward to holding many exciting talks with suppliers soon.

As far as expectations are concerned, all employees are looking forward to exciting contacts. “Interesting discussions with customers and suppliers and many customer visits – these are my expectations for TUBE”, says Jörg Klüver. Christian Dörner has similar goals: “We aim to achieve the greatest possible market and customer penetration with our exports.”

Want to convince yourself of the BUHLMANN GROUP trade fair appearance? Then you can look forward to the typical BUHLMANN flair with excellent hospitality and enough space for a quiet exchange in Hall 3, booth A20.

BUHLMANN Participates in a Unique Project

It is currently one of the world‘s largest petrochemicals projects – construction of the Liwa Plastics Industries Complex (LPIC) in Oman. This enormous development is headed up by the state-owned Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company, or Orpic, based in Oman. The BUHLMANN GROUP is also involved, and this similarly lends itself to the use of superlatives: It is the largest project in the group‘s history.

The colleagues from the Dutch DYLAN site in Oud-Beijerland are primarily responsible for its fulfilment. The team is led by Barry van Manen, Head of Sales. ‘It is a huge project for us, allowing us to demonstrate our abilities for other projects of this magnitude’, he explains. 18,000 tonnes of material have already been delivered to the sultanate on the Arabian Peninsula. This includes almost the entire BUHLMANN GROUP product range: Seamless pipe and forged flanges and fittings in all type of grades. The material is required to build refineries and other facilities for producing the globally sought after synthetic polyethylene, the parent material for plastics. The complex will be completed in 2019.

Stringent quality demands
The BUHLMANN GROUP was contracted by the plant engineers Chicago Bridge & Iron Company (CB&I), based in the Netherlands, who in turn were contracted by Orpic to develop the plant engineering side of the project, together with the Taiwanese mechanical engineers CTCI. ‚We have been working with CB&I for years now and are held in high esteem for our excellent quality‘, explains Barry van Manen. This means that the special challenge lies not only in the size of the project, but also in the high demands on the products. ‘A high level of quality is expected from us, and this is precisely what we deliver’, says Barry van Manen. A four-person project team was formed in Oud-Beijerland, and the DYLAN Italy and BUHLMANN Korea sites founded, especially to meet the demands of the project. Barry van Manen therefore sees great potential for the group‘s future: ‘This project welds our group even tighter and we are able to demonstrate that, with our expertise and top-quality products, we are capable of implementing projects of this size to our customers‘ complete satisfaction’, he explains.

The Automatic Small Parts Storage System Duisburg

View of the emerging Automatic Small Parts Storage System Duisburg

 The BUHLMANN GROUP is taking an important step towards a more efficient future. As of the autumn of 2017, the Duisburg warehouse will have an automatic small parts storage system. Read here how it operates and what changes it brings for you as a customer.

What's new?

New is the management and organisation of small parts in the Duisburg warehouse. Using the automatic small parts storage system, all goods are stored and picked using a box system.

How does the automated small parts storage system operate?

Containers, referred to as bins, are stored in a vertical and horizontal grid system. Robots sort the goods, the system manages itself, completely autonomously. The robots traverse the bin grid and collect the required bins containing the goods. They are then transported to the order picking stations, known as ports, where the articles are prepared for shipping by an employee.

What are the benefits for the customer?

The customer profits from the much faster turnaround times in the overall process, which, in turn, lead to substantially shorter goods delivery times. With automation, the goods now come to you and not the other way round, as was previously the case. The period between entering the System and ready-to-collect is a maximum of three hours (without internal services). Orders arriving from the BUHLMANN online shop and adhering to specific parameters are even transferred directly to the system.

What are the key figures of the warehouse?

50,000 bins can be worked by six robots around the clock. 24 bins are stacked vertically. Goods can enter or be removed from the system at three ports.

Who was involved in the project?

The BUHLMANN project team consisted largely of Technical Business Division and IT department employees. They worked with an external service provider who installed and programmed the system.

Is an extension to the Duisburg warehouse possible and planned? How about the other sites?

The system is designed in such a way that it can be extended in any direction with little effort. Obstructions are irrelevant, the grid structure simply adapts to them. What is important is that the robots have a flat plane to work in. There are currently no plans to adopt the system at other sites. However, BUHLMANN continuously looks at how to design work processes as efficiently as possible.

Why was the automated small parts storage system introduced in Duisburg?

Because of its size, the Duisburg site is of special significance to the BUHLMANN GROUP, which is why we planned and implemented the first automated small parts storage system here.

Made in Steel: Successful Debut

Huge interest in the BUHLMANN booth

Around 15,000 visitors came to the Made in Steel fair in the halls of the Milan trade fair in mid-May. In view of the increased number of visitors, 15 percent more compared to the previous year, the organisers can look back upon three successful days. Gian Mario Gambirasio, Director Sales Italy, who represented BUHLMANN Italy for the first time with a separate booth at Italy's most important industry fair, was also satisfied.

"Made in Steel was a complete success. We can look back upon an entirely positive fair," he summarises. "Presenting BUHLMANN for the first time at this important industry event was extremely worthwhile: Not only did we meet current customers to exchange information, but we also made numerous new, important contacts to producers and other companies. We were able to give them all either a first or a more powerful impression of BUHLMANN and our services," he adds.

Important new contacts

However, the colleagues were not only in contact with the Italian industry, as Christian Dörner knows: "We were able to develop exciting contacts to Eastern European companies," explains the Director of the International Sales Division, who also attended. In addition to himself and Gian Mario Gambirasio, employees from the Italian BUHLMANN site were also present. They included Marc Küperkoch, Sales Assistant, who was heavily involved in planning the trade fair attendance. "Together with the Corporate Communications depar tment in Bremen, Marc Küperkoch formed part of a welloiled team, expertly preparing our presence at Made in Steel during the run-up period," said Gian Mario Gambirasio, praising the team's Performance.

Happy Birthday BUHLMANN Mexico

Pablo Encinas Sanchez and Sandra Alfaro, Assistant, at the BUHLMANN office Mexico

The first BUHLMANN site in Mexico was opened more than a year ago. On the occasion of this anniversary we spoke to Pablo Encinas Sanchez, Managing Director of BUHLMANN Mexico S. A. de C. V., and asked him how the first year went and what the future brings.

Congratulations on your first year in Mexico. What has BUHLMANN, what have you, achieved in the past year?

We have made a name for ourselves among potential customers in Mexico. It is not rare to receive enquiries from companies to whom we were recommended by other customers. During 2016 we handled a large Project for a Mexican oil & gas Engineering company, and this gives us a lot of credit when talking to smaller Mexican companies.

With regard to multinational or Spanish companies, all of them know now that we are actually present in Mexico (remember I come from BUHLMANN Spain, which used to serve the Mexican market directly), allowing us to know the field as well as a local company. For instance, Mexican import procedures for pipes and fittings can be specially tricky, and this is a critical issue for many customers.

Internally, the main change has come with the hiring of Sandra, who is involved in helping with quotations, orders and administrative issues.

How is the current situation?

Commercially: we have built up good relationships with some key customers who purchase significant amounts of our products and trust us as long-term suppliers. However, this doesn’t mean our work is complete: for example, after PEMEX’s restructuring, the stateowned petroleum company, we plan to focus more on special materials with end customers who are more difficult to reach. We also see a great opportunity for medium size orders for Equipment manufacturers: they have previously looked for their materials in the US, but with current exchange rates (and the political situation between Mexico and the US), they are more and more interested in looking towards Europe.

Operationally: we are now starting to receive orders directly; up until now it was BUHLMANN Spain that received the orders and our work here in Mexico was more related to commercial activities and the corresponding Project management. Now it is the other way round: we will get orders directly and our colleagues from Spain will help us with the back office, in particular. In any case, all of these changes are transitioning smoothly, and with a case-by-case analysis behind them.

What do you expect from the future? What are your ambitions for BUHLMANN Mexico?

I think there is a relevant percentage of customers in Mexico that match with BUHLMANN GROUP’s market positioning (quality, good service, longterm relationships, …), and that’s why I think we have room for growth in Mexico. I think we aspire to keep the office growing, along with the sales, until we have our own team for project management; the good point is that with the help of BUHLMANN Spain, we do not need to rush things, but can build the subsidiary little by little from the base up.

Thank you for the interview.

BUHLMANN continues to show its colors in Russia: Metal-Expo 2016 in Moscow

Konstantin Dobroserdov (Sales Manager BUHLMANN Rus), Andreas Gutjahr (Senior Manager Export East BUHLMANN GROUP),
Sergey Sherbakov (Managing Director BUHLMANN Rus) and Anatolij Krivcov (Assistant Export East BUHLMANN GROUP) at the
Metal-Expo 2016.

Economic relations with Russia continue to be affected by sanctions. Numerous projects have been put on ice or changed to suit Russian standards and completed using Russian products. The small ASTM market is suffering as a result, and competition is becoming even more fierce. In the meantime, BUHLMANN Rus, the Russian subsidiary of the BUHLMANN group, has established a good reputation on the market and once again presented their products at the specialist metal trade fair in order to further bolster their image.

Held in Moscow from November 8 – 11, the event organizers welcomed around 530 exhibitors from 32 different countries and more than 27,000 visitors to the trade fair. “This trade fair was extremely important for us and our Russian colleagues due to the high number of visitors. In spite of sanctions, we were still able to show our colors on a key market,” explained Andreas Gutjahr, Senior Manager Export, who is responsible for the Russian market and based at our site in Bremen. “In Russia, we are now regarded as a reliable supplier of high-quality steel products and have achieved a very good level of market penetration. We believe that we will soon be able to return to our normal business activities,” said Christian Dörner, Division Manager in the International Sales Division. Andreas Gutjahr and Christian Dörner were at the Metal Expo together with Sergey Sherbakov, Managing Director at BUHLMANN Rus, Konstantin Dobroserdov, Sales Manager Moscow, and Anatolij Krivcov, Assistant Export East Bremen. “It was very important for us to take part in the expo as it gave us a chance to meet key decision makers with big projects in the pipeline. We were very successful in this regard,” said Andreas Gutjahr. Overall, he was very satisfied with the trade fair. “Thanks to our stand’s position within the hall, we enjoyed a lot of attention from trade professionals and were able to have some very interesting discussions and establish key contacts.” In conclusion, he adds: “We now have some very experienced reinforcements on hand in the form of Konstantin Dobroserdov and Anatolij Krivcov, who could give qualified, detailed answers to all the technical questions.”

DYLAN at the Offshore Energy Amsterdam 2016

Ronald Schipper, Yvette Wageneire, Barry van Manen and Wilna den Hartigh

On October 25 and 26, DYLAN showcased their work at the Offshore Energy 2016 trade fair in Amsterdam. “As one of the most important stakeholders in the offshore industry, we use the specialist trade fair to exchange ideas with clients, Sound out new business opportunities and conduct a general analysis of the market,” said Barry van Manen, Projects Sales Manager, who took part in the event for representatives of the offshore energy industry that has been held annually since 2008. He was joined by Schipper, Sales Manager, Wilna den Hartigh, Reception, and Yvette Wageneire, Secretary of the Board, as a point of contact for all products of the BUH LMA NN GROUP.

New Service for Customers: the BUHLMANN Online Shop

The new BUHLMANN Online Shop, which has been available to customers since September 2016, gives customers direct access to products and enables them to place orders without having to lift a phone or pen or even write an e-mail. The easier ordering process as well as the direct overview of BUHLMANN products with photos and prices offers an additional service and heralds a new era for the ordering process.

“The idea was to find a better way of processing micro-orders for our products,” explains Reinhard Scheller, Chief Operations Officer (COO). “In addition, we have been committed to expanding our digital presence ever since we started to offer our customers a BUHLMANN app two years ago,” he stresses. The focus of These efforts is to offer customers more services. A filter function helps users to choose the right product from the range on offer. “We receive the orders straight away and the customer immediately sees a delivery date,” explains Reinhard Scheller. “Even the payment system makes the purchase significantly easier for our customers,” he adds.

The shop is integrated into, the online marketplace for materials. On our own profile page, potential buyers can find out more about BUHLMANN and directly access the product line. “In the event of problems and questions, we have a team that customers can contact directly by e-mail or by telephone,” reports Reinhard Scheller. The team can be reached at +49 2065-6789123 from Monday to Thursday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., as well as Fridays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Questions can also be sent to the e-mailaddress online-shop(at)

The BUHLMANN online shop is available at 

‘We aim to become market leader in Germany’ New at BUHLMANN: Frank Müller

Frank Müller is the new Director of the Domestic Sales Division since April 2016 and is responsible for sales in Germany. We met up with him when he took office and talked about aims, impressions and the state of the steel industry.

Mr Müller, a warm welcome to the BUHLMANN GROUP. What is your first impression of our company?
As I was guided through the company in Bremen on my first day at work, I saw a highly motivated and openminded team. This impression was confirmed in the various branches. BUHLMANN is a globally operating premium trading house and a full service provider in pipeline and plant engineering. This exactly reflects my first impression.

What do you expect of your future activities and what aims have you set for yourself?
We certainly want to become market leader here in Germany and to appropriately reinforce this position. We will achieve this objective in either the short- or long-term, because our extremely extensive warehouse and product range, in particular in the special materials field, and the initial processing opportunities offered by the DYLAN acquisition, have an enormous role to play. Of course, in conjunction with a team of motivated employees.

The steel industry has some difficult months behind it, how do you view the current situation and future developments?
We are aware of the crisis in the steel industry of course, but are already reacting today to future needs. For example, at the end of the year we will build a fully automatic small parts warehouse in Duisburg in order to meet our customer‘s requirements even faster. As a competent partner of power, petrochemicals, chemicals, and nautical and mechanical engineering industry customers, we have been the address for premium solutions for more than 70 years.

Please tell us something about your past career.
I entered the steel trade more than 20 years ago as a so-called career changer. First, I was responsible for European exports for a notable steel trader, then sales representative for northern Germany, from Rheine in Westfalen to Greifswald in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. Once I had gained enough experience, I became a project manager for various key customers. Following this, I was sales director for Germany for ten years. Now I have seized the opportunity to change once again and will use my experience and capabilities to actively support our sales team.

New BUHLMANN department: Thoroughly international

Edwin Chen

Edwin Chen, formerly General Manager at BUHLMANN China, has been the new Head of Global Projects since 1 January 2016. Together with his diversified team he takes care of the rapidly growing area of international projects and, in particular, key project management.

‘We aim to better utilise the global synergies within the BUHLMANN GROUP and be even more present in international projects’, says Edwin Chen. The team also provides support to the Nor th America and Chinese market. A task that particularly pleases Edwin Chen: ‘We rise up to the challenges with every new project and a recent assignment was only successful through well coordinated team work across borders. This international cooperation is highly enjoyable.’ His previous position in China gave him a strong knowledge of the local market. ‘It also helped me understand the needs and wishes of customers in a number of different markets’, explains Edwin Chen. He currently remains on the board of BUHLMANN China and keeps in close contact with his counterparts there.

After an extended stay in Bremen, life in Germany is nothing new to Edwin Chen: ‘However, it is still a big change for me and my family, of course. But we are quickly getting used to it and are enjoying life here. The people are all very friendly.’ However, he already misses Asian cuisine from his home country, Singapore: ‘I think that‘s quite normal if you are living in a foreign country. But we still need to get used to the numerous supermarkets all being closed on a Sunday’, he explains, laughing. However, this does not detract from his passion for cooking: ‘I don‘t eat to live, I live to eat. What‘s more, I will try anything from Asian street food to fine European cuisine, and try to reproduce it in the kitchen at home.’ The international atmosphere of his job is thus reflected in his hobby.


More than 1,200 exhibitors on around 50,000 square metres of floor space with over 30,000 visitors. These are the figures for TUBE 2014, the most important international piping trade fair, with BUHLMANN GROUP at the centre of the action. The group will be represented once again from 4 to 8 April 2016 at booth A20 in Halle 3 – with a completely new booth. Our employees will be presenting products and services which stand for the BUHLMANN name and they are looking forward to meeting international contacts, holding interesting discussions and seeing great purchasing interest.

BUHLMANN keeps moving

Wolfgang Huhn is appointed as additional executive of BUHLMANN Rohr-Fittings-Stahlhandel GmbH + Co. KG.

Following the establishment of a subsidiary company in Mexico and the first joint Dylan and BUHLMANN trade fair appearance at Stainless Steel World in Maastricht, internal changes are now waiting, which will contribute to reinforcing BUHLMANN GROUP’s successful position in the market. BUHLMANN would like to take this opportunity to inform you about two new developments:

As Head of Projects Engineering Worldwide, Edwin Chen moves to Germany as of 1 January 2016. Mr Chen very successfully managed and developed the BUHLMANN China Limited subsidiary company as General Manager in recent years. He can call on wide-ranging knowledge of the far-eastern market and will enrich our Duisburg site with his expertise. Despite the move to Germany, Edwin Chen will remain a member of the board at BUHLMANN China Limited and will help to strategically steer the subsidiary company. ‘I am looking forward to the new challenge in Germany and would like to thank management for the trust they have placed in me’, says Edwin Chen. His successor will be Fred Huang, who has so far worked as Senior Procurement & Quality Manager.

BUHLMANN RFS will have further reinforcements as of 1 April 2016. Wolfgang Huhn, previously Managing Director at BUHLMANN Singapore Pte Ltd., is appointed as additional executive of BUHLMANN Rohr-Fittings-Stahlhandel GmbH + Co. KG. Mr Huhn was critically involved in developing the subsidiary company in Singapore and can call on wide-ranging expertise and great international experience. In the future he will enrich management with his extensive expertise in the Asian market and be an ideal complement. He is also positively looking forward to his future in Germany: ‘As far as the cultural aspects are concerned, it will mean a change for me and my wife. But we have previously lived in Germany for a long time and still remember many BUHLMANN colleagues from this period. I am pleased to be able to contribute to BUHLMANN GROUP’s sustained success from within Germany’, says Wolfgang Huhn. His successor will be Gunter Dohmen, previously Head of Export West & Asia. He has already been in Singapore since 1 November.

A meeting of a different kind: an unforgettable day on the high sea

BUHLMANN employees and Danish costumers in front of the MIRA

On 24 September 2015 BUHLMANN invited its Danish customers to an event superlative. Together with 12 customers, four BUHLMANN employees made their way to Copenhagen to spend a day on the high sea there. The event was taken really well received by all participants, only the temperature could have been a little milder.

‘We wanted to thanks our Danish customers in this way for the trusting collaboration. In an easy-going atmosphere, we discussed current developments within the BUHLMANN GROUP – for example, the merger with the Dutch company Dylan. It was the right time for intensive and good discussions that are often left wanting in the daily stress’, says Stefan Knuth, Senior Manager Export West and Asia. The sailing trip on the venerable MIRA started around 15.00. Of course, the skipper was on board, and entertained the visitors with some of the sailing tricks and insider tips, and disclosed on or two of the ship’s tales. The event was rounded off with tasty meals and some relaxation on land once everybody had solid ground beneath their feet again. ‘We have only received positive feedback from our customers. This encourages to organise another even next year’, Peter Nelles adds. The Head of Export West and Asia was on board the ship, together with Stefan Knuth, Nicole Herbort, Manager Export West and Asia, and Caner Er, Assistant Export West and Asia. As a small thank-you the participants received a USB stick containing a selection of the best photographs of the day.

Welcome to Mexico: BUHLMANN expands into Central America

Despite all the difficulties the industry is facing, BUHLMANN continues to drive the development of new markets and repeatedly expands into promising countries in line with the corporate strategy framework. BUHLMANN GROUP has been represented by a subsidiary company in Mexico since 2015. BUHLMANN Mexico S. A. de C. V. management is handled by Pablo Encinas Sanchez and Werner De Saedeleer. Here, BUHLMANN was able to recruit two excellent managers, who are able to establish the brand BUHLMANN on the Central American market. Their experiences and their know-how will contribute significantly to this task. Mr. Sanchez was previously a Strategic and Company Development Manager at BUHLMANN Spain S. L. U., Mr. De Saedeleer is Managing Director our Spanish BUHLMANN-site and will be execute the management of BUHLMANN Mexico as well.

‘Market development in Mexico follows the philosophy of our persistent expansion strategy. True to our motto – familiar, visionary, active – we continue to rely on investments that strengthen our group in the long term, despite the challenging market conditions’, summarises Jörg Klüver, Chief Operations Officer at BUHLMANN. Following the successful founding of BUHLMANN North America LP around a year ago and the acquisition of the Dutch company Dylan a few months ago, founding BUHLMANN Mexiko S. A. de C. V. is a further step in the sustained expansion of the group’s international market position.

DylanGroup and bps in a new guise

In August 2015 DylanBeheer B. V. and BUHLMANN-PROJECTSOLUTIONS GmbH (bps) adopted new logos. Jörg Klüver, Chief Operations Officer, says: 'The amalgamation with Dylan encouraged us to unify our subsidiary companies‘ corporate design. The aim of this step is to reinforce the sense of belonging internally and demonst rate externally that we are a single corporate group. In addition, we also enhance our brand recognition value.'

BUHLMANN goes Werder

The 2015/2016 season in Bremens Weserstadion started not only with a few new players, BUHLMANN also attends every green-white game live in the stadium. 

BUHLMANN is one of the companies that has bought perimeter advertising in the stadium. 'For us, this represents a new marketing format', said Oliver Buhlmann, managing partner of the BUHLMANN GROUP. 'Our target is to anchor our TUBE SOLUTIONS brand, particularly the red B, in the minds of spectators worldwide.' The Weserstadion is an ideal advertising space: 'We are a family-run Bremen company and feel closely connected with the town, its people and, of course, the football club SV Werder'.

Responsible junior staff recruiting

Katharina Feldhaus and Gerd Frischkorn are happy about the new contacts they made.

Bremen, May 2015. BUHLMANN is always on the look out for young talents who have a desire to work with enthusiasm and ambition for the success of the group. The internationally active trading house promotes cultural diversity when selecting its employees. Katharina Feldhaus, instructor at the Bremen site, and Gerd Frischkorn, HR department employee, simply couldn't miss this year's speed dating event with refugees – organised by the Bremen chamber of commerce.

Around 2000 refugees arrived in Bremen from crisis regions around the globe in 2014. They were not only searching for safety, but also for career prospects in their new home. The Bremen chamber of commerce seized this opportunity to bring together regional companies and around 60 young people looking for training. The BUHLMANN team talked to eight people in all at this year's speed dating event on 21 May 2015. The majority of applicants have only lived in Germany for two years, presenting a correspondingly high language barrier. 'However, there were also candidates who could already speak excellent German', said Katharina Feldhaus. For her, the event was a total success.

Career opportunities for a better life
Gerd Frischkorn is also enthusiastic about the concept. The economy graduate knows how important career prospects are to these young people: 'I find an event such as this really good, especially against the backdrop of recent events involving refugees and the political discussion centred around refugee policies. One cannot simply hold the talks as with 'normal' applicants, but must also take strongly into account the sometimes dramatic experiences the young people have made. I was able to see that all the young people, without exception, were really interested in an apprenticeship and hoped it would make their life in Germany better. We really hope this is the case.' It is not yet certain how many of the speed dating candidates will start their career in the house of BUHLMANN. 'Whatever happens, we will invite two candidates to a placement', adds Frischkorn.


According to the 70th anniversary the BUHLMANN GROUP published its corporate video


Bremen, March 2015. The BUHLMANN GROUP has been active around the globe as a premium trading house for steel pipes and tubes, pipe fittings and pipe accessories for around seventy years. Now the company, with headquarters in Bremen, Germany, has released an approximately four-minute corporate video. The aim is to position the company on the market for what it is: one of the largest warehousing traders in Europe. 'To us, the corporate video is an ideal tool to visually demonstrate what BUHLMANN stands for, in just a few minutes. For example, many of our customers and potential customers have no idea of the true dimensions of our central warehouses', says Jörg Klüver, BUHLMANN GROUP CEO.

Authentic snapshots
The video was made in cooperation with the Bremen-based Visuelles Marketing agency over seven working days at a variety of company locations. 'It was important to us to demonstrate BUHLMANN's versatility. Even though we could not incorporate all of our sites, viewers do still get a feeling for the size of the company', Klüver added. In 240 seconds, the commercial tours through the large warehouses in Duisburg and Bremen, shows the modern BUHLMANN GROUP offices and authentically reflects the daily routine in a company with around 900 employees worldwide. The possible uses of the new corporate video are manifold. In addition to its release on both the BUHLMANN website and the video portal YouTube, the video will also be incorporated in trade fairs and presentations.

'Our employees are a part of our success'
'To us, the corporate video is also an ideal tool to demonstrate our qualities to potential employees', Klüver goes on. The significance of the BUHLMANN team to management is demonstrated by the exclusive company video launch event. The company presented the film to its employees even before it was released. Cinemas were hired exclusively for the large Bremen, Duisburg and Hilden locations. 'BUHLMANN lives off its motivated employees. Only with their support have we arrived were we are today. We wanted to thank them in a unique way with this highlight', underlines the CEO.

Here you can find the video


Since 27th February 2015 the DylanGroup operates as an independent subsidiary of the BUHLMANN GROUP


Bremen, February 2015. On 27 February 2015 BUHLMANN acquired 100 percent of the DylanGroup. For BUHLMANN this is another expansion step toward developing their successful position on the market. Dylan too will be able to drive forward its success and growth through the merger with BUHLMANN. The opportunity for an intensive exchange among the companies, optimised storage capacities, the enlargement of the international sales team and a joint purchasing policy will secure additional competitive advantages vis-à-vis the market.

Collective strength on the market
 “The steel industry has been in a strained market situation for a few years now. Some competitors have had to capitulate under the more difficult economic conditions. The more we’re excited for a common future with Dylan. Right now we’re analyzing the released potentials. One thing is certain: The DylanGroup will continue to operate under its own name and act as an independent subsidiary of the BUHLMANN GROUP”, said Jörg Klüver, Chief Operations Officer of the BUHLMANN GROUP. Together with CEO Jan van Essen and Jan-Oliver Buhlmann he forms the board of DylanGroup.

Dylan brings know-how
With its headquarters in Dutch Oud-Beijerland not far from Rotterdam, the company was one of the BUHLMANN GROUP’s direct competitors up to now. Founded in 1981 as a family-run company, the trading firm for steel tubes, fittings and accessories now counts around 240 employees worldwide. In addition to offices in the Netherlands and Germany, Dylan has also legal entities in Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain and Singapore. In addition, the company has also an agency in the Middle East. Like BUHLMANN, Dylan is also active in project business and management and has a very good reputation as a provider of solutions in piping technology for various dynamic industries, with customer value as highest priority.


Jan-Oliver Buhlmann (Chief Financial Officer BUHLMANN GROUP, left) and Jörg Klüver (Chief Operations Officer BUHLMANN GRUPPE, right) with their flying visit to Robert Bresser (Director BUHLMANN North America LP)


Bremen / Houston (Texas), January 2015. The international operating BUHLMANN GROUP recently established the BUHLMANN North America LP, an independent subsidiary in Houston, Texas. Now the premium distributor for steel pipes and tubes, pipe-fittings and accessories is located in 18 countries worldwide. The traditional family business with its headquarters in Bremen has already independent subsidiaries across large areas in Europe and in Asia. By expanding to North America there is the objective to strengthen the position on the American market and to exploit existing sales potentials. Up to now the US market was supervised by the German offices.

Strengthen the personal dialogue 
„The new location in Houston enables us to react faster and more specific to the requirements of the American market and it creates the possibility to intensify the personal relation to our customers on site”, says Robert Bresser, Managing Director BUHLMANN North America LP. Since March the Managing Director receives support from a second employee. The offices of the new subsidiary are located in the attractive business area The Woodlands, not far from Houston. Many oil ventures, research institutes and other globally engaged companies are based in this site as well.

Office address: BUHLMANN North America LP 1095 Evergreen Circle Suite 200 The Woodlands, Texas 77380 fon: +1 281 210 0008 fax: +1 832 764 5251 email:

New administration building shines in new splendour

Recently occupied: the new administration building in Bremen

Bremen, 12 December 2014 – It provides space for more than 30 employees: The new BUHLMANN GROUP administration office at the Bremen site is now occupied. From now on the company's service departments will work together even more closely and efficiently. Following complete refurbishment of the shed roofs at the Bremen site, the new administration building now also shines in new splendour. Completion of this office space now finalises modernisation work at the Bremen warehouse site. The two-storey building abuts directly onto the warehouses. The gross volume of the new office complex, including stairwells, is 700 square metres. 'From now on, our service departments in Bremen will work together even more closely and efficiently', Michael Thölken, Head of Warehouse, explains the background. By service departments we mean Quality Assurance, Job Preparation, IT and Logistics. 'New spatial capacity is also created in the main administration building for Sales', Michael Thoelken reports. Moreover, Administration (Fleet) is also located in the new building.  

Modernisation complete

Since commencing modernisation in Autumn 2012 additional floor area has been gained in Shed 4 as a result of the conversion measures, where stacking cradles and stanchions were stored. A new high-rack shelving system designed for 1,300 skeleton crates, with a capacity of around 1,500 tonnes, was procured for Shed 5. Moreover, the warehouse was equipped with new order pickers for pipe accessories and a winding machine for stainless steel pipe packaging. In addition, new cranes were commissioned. Thanks to a new LED illumination system, BUHLMANN GROUP also makes and additional contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.


Bremen/Duisburg, 17 July 2014 – Comprehensive information on pipe, pipe connector and pipe accessory stock – with immediate effect BUHLMANN GROUP provides this information in their new mobile application. Available for iPad and as of late for tablets for Android™, the app quickly and easiliy furnishes you with an overview of the immense range of this globally operating, premium trading house.

„Any interested user can download our new app from the App Store or from Google Play for free“, explains Jörg Klüver, BUHLMANN GROUP´s Chief Operations Officer. Handling the BUHLMANN app for iPad is simple and user-friendly. In the product categories pipes, fittings, flanges and elbows the BUHLMANN range can be filtered according to a variety of parameters such as applicable standard, steel type, material, material number, pressure rating, and models and dimensions. The results can be stored in a watch list and requested directly via email.

New field: Competence Centre Special Materials

Bremen, May 2014 – The BUHLMANN GROUP is concentrating its experience in special materials: the newly established Competence Centre Special Materials is the global contact partner for projects and enquiries in this field.

“Shortly before TUBE 2012 we posted a large order for a Chinese manufacturer of organic chemicals which included special materials such as ASTM A 333 Grade 3” explains Christoph M. Tirre, Senior Project Department Sales Manager and first point of call in the Competence Centre Special Materials. As a result, the BUHLMANN GROUP recognised the potential in this special sector and now maintains a stock of this material. Success was not slow to follow: in the past two years BUHLMANN has been able to win considerable market shares in various branches of industry. The volume of enquiries and orders increased considerably, especially in 2013. “Management decided then to set up a competence centre”, says Tirre. The Competence Centre Special Materials now handles the special materials sector for the entire group.

It deals with the following types of materials:

  • duplex materials,
  • nickel-based materials,
  • titanium alloys,
  • heat-resistant materials,
  • ASTM A 333 Grade 3

All these materials are available in all forms: for example as seamless, welded and forged tubes or fittings, as flanges, turned parts and special purpose parts, etc.  Further information is found at:



Bremen/Duisburg, 22th April 2014 – Comprehensive information on pipe, pipe connector and pipe accessory stock – with immediate effect BUHLMANN GROUP provides this information in their new mobile application. Initially available for iPad, the app quickly and easiliy furnishes you with an overview of the immense range of this globally operating, premium trading house.

„Any interested user can download our new app for iPad free from the App Store“, explains Jörg Klüver, BUHLMANN GROUP´s Chief Operations Officer. Handling the BUHLMANN app for iPad is simple and user-friendly. In the product categories pipes, fittings, flanges and elbows the BUHLMANN range can be filtered according to a variety of parameters such as applicable standard, steel type, material, material number, pressure rating, and models and dimensions. The results can be stored in a watch list and requested directly via email.

“We stand for quality and reliability”, emphasises Jörg Klüver and adds: “With our BUHLMANN app we are defining yet another milestone with regards to service for our customers and customers to be.”


Bremen, March 2014 –  From 7th to 11th April TUBE, the International Tube and Pipe Trade Fair, will open its doors. BUHLMANN GROUP presents itself at the worldwide leading exhibition. Visit us in Hall 3, stand 20 to inform yourself about the comprehensive services of our company. We are looking forward to seeing you.  

Dr Axel Willauschus is guest speaker at Uhlig-Rohrbogen

Dr. Axel Willauschus; Picture: UHLIG / Yvonne Salzmann

Bremen/Goslar, February 2014 – Uhlig Rohrbogen GmbH hosted the “Uhlig Discussion: Market and Technology 2014”. Dr Axel Willauschus, Senior Technical Manager of the BUHLMANN GROUP at the Duisburg plant, was invited to be a speaker.

Uhlig Rohrbogen GmbH, manufacturer of the longest seam-welded elbows, mouldings and corrugated pipes, once again hosted its information and discussion event in February, following the previous event in 2012. Dr Axel Willauschus appeared as a speaker alongside other well-known industry and technical supervision speakers. He is an established expert on standards, policy and materials and spoke on the subject of “ASME Code – A total mystery no more”.

His report included the current challenges for trade and industry that arise when American materials standards meet European construction thinking. “Previously there was only the world of DIN and the pressure vessel regulations; now market demands have changed entirely”, says Dr Axel Willauschus. His contribution stimulated considerable interest among the more than 100 participants present. Several questions on the subject reflected the huge importance of ASME, for example in the power generation or chemical industries.


Specialist publication throws light on the standards jungle

Throws light on the standards jungle: the specialist guide “Pipe fittings to EN 10253-2 and EN 10253-4”

Bremen, November 2013 – To help users of pipe fittings find their way through the complex of related standards, the BUHLMANN GROUP has published a specialist guide, entitled “Pipe fittings to EN 10253-2 and EN 10253-4”. The guide provides a clear, general summary of the two standards to allow even better orientation.

There have been significant additions to the relevant standard environment since 2006, with EN 13445 laying the foundation for completely recalculating aspects such as the wear of pipe fittings with low levels of wear. As a special feature this detailed reference book offers the user a general overview of both the above standards, allowing them to be used more effectively.

This book contains the answers to questions about what parameters – such as weight, minimum length calculation and key tolerance limits – are needed. Moreover, the user benefits from a comparison of the tube materials, from low and medium alloy to stainless steel. Because of the transition phase from German DIN to European EN standardization, this book also lists the old DIN environment for comparison purposes and also includes a description of comparable steel grades defined in American standards.

The content of this BUHLMANN special-interest publication was produced and coordinated by the Procurement Department. Copies can be obtained for an administrative charge from the company’s Bremen site. To buy a copy of the publication, please e-mail corporate_communications(at) or call +49 (0) 421 4586318.

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