Brand tubes for steam boiler engineering

As a full-service provider, the BUHLMANN GROUP can supply its customers with high-quality boiler tubes which are able to withstand high temperatures and pressures, in all materials used in power generation plants.

BUHLMANN PowerGen brand is conceived exclusively for the BUHLMANN GROUP and is coordinated to comply with current steam boiler engineering regulations, such as VGB 109R, EN 12952 and EN 13480, in fulfilment of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). We offer our customers seamless alloy and non-alloy boiler pipes under the BUHLMANN PowerGen brand name.

Our PowerGen boiler tubes are subjected to extensive material testing procedures according to the latest VGB 109R specifications. The results of these tests, which include tensile- and notched bar testing as well as ultrasonic transverse flaw testing testify to BUHLMANN PowerGen's ability to completely fulfil the most important demands placed on tubes in the construction of new power stations.

With the addition of BUHLMANN PowerGen to the stock range, the BUHLMANN GROUP demonstrates its outstanding competence as a service and supply partner for power plant construction.

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