The beginning is always the hardest!

When you start your training, everything is new: new surroundings, new people, new tasks. To ease your entry into our company, you will first take part in the BUHLMANN Apprentice Days. This is a several-day event in which you will get to know all the new trainees who are commencing their training with you, from all the different company sites. Right from the start, this means you can already work on building up your network of contacts. Moreover, you will be given extensive information about our company as well as its philosophy, way of thinking, and mission statement. This also includes the rights and obligations which you are entitled to and are required to observe throughout your training. 

To gain a better impression of what the Apprentice Days are all about, click here to read some field reports. Have fun reading!

Now it's time to get going!

Commercial or warehouse and production – that is the question. Just like buying a made-to-measure suit, your training will be devised precisely to fit your needs. 

As a general rule, commercial trainees who are not undergoing their training in Bremen will come here to spend one or two weeks in the main administrative department in Bremen. You will be able to gain an impression of the human resources department, the accounts section, the dispatch area, Reporting & Controlling, Corporate Communications and the Export department. 

Apprentices in warehousing and production who are not undergoing training at our central warehouses will have a chance to come to Duisburg for a period to gain an impression of our largest warehouses. 

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