Traditional and innovative services from a single source – that is what BUHLMANN-PROJECT-SOLUTIONS GmbH is about. In connection with large-scale projects the bps service range comprises:

  • Pipeline design and project management
  • Mechanical CNC production, and customer-specified machining of special parts
  • Worldwide shipment, pre-fabrication, and installation

As a full-service provider piping design and project management includes:

  • Structural and dynamic stress calculations
  • Quality control, material procurement, and plant documentation
  • Mechanical CNC production and customer-specified machining of special parts (size: 20 x 12 x 1.6 metres) may, for instance, involve the production of free-form surfaces up to a nominal size of DN 1400, or they may involve weld-on and saddle pipe pieces based on drawings
  • Worldwide shipment, prefabrication and erection of complete piping systems and plant parts, including supports, vessels and components