High pressure special parts for Lausward power plant

Cadolzburg, September 2013 – bps receives the order for manufacturing of high pressure special parts for Lausward power plant in Germany. The order also includes stress analysis of all special parts. The welding of the y-pieces is partially done with welding procedure 121 (UP). 

BPS for Doosan Skoda Power

Cadolzburg, June 2013bps receives the order from Doosan Skoda Power for delivery and partial prefabrication of piping material for a power plant project in turkey. 206 tons of material is delivered including seaworthy packing. The prefabrication includes the manufacturing of y-pieces, inductive bending, flash boxes, tee pieces, reductors and various special parts.  

Welding construction for tube furnace manufacturer

Ribbed tubes: important boiler components.

Cadolzburg, April 2013 – bps has received an order for a welding construction of a russian tube furnace manufacturer in material A 213 TP347H. The construction weighs about 220 tons and will be processed in the nominal diameters DN150 to DN 250 with wall thicknesses up to 19 mm. bps will also be responsible for logistics and shipping to Russia. Nico Zausch, Director Project Management at BUHLMANN-PROJECT-SOLUTIONS: “We will weld the joints between the elbows and pipes as required according to the CAD drawing. Our tightly knit team of experts will supply a high quality product quickly, from work preparation through the welding phase to quality assurance with non-destructive testing of each weld seam.”

Successful completion of AD 2000 W0 certification

Weld-on nozzle with milled saddle curve

Cadolzburg, October 2012 – In October of this year, BUHLMANN-PROJECT-SOLUTIONS GmbH, or “bps”, successfully completed its AD2000 W0 certification process. For the BUHLMANN GROUP subsidiary and its customers, this certification means that bps is an approved manufacturer of pressure-bearing components.

The AD 2000 W0 specification, issued by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Druckbehälter (“working committee for pressure vessels”), describes general guidelines for the manufacture, testing and qualitycertification of relevant products. Bps now has the right to manufacture its own pressure-bearing components and certify them independently.

“We have long been active in the field of processing and machining technologies, and this certification represents yet another milestone in our development,” explains Frank Heller, Managing Directorof bps in Cadolzburg. Dr. Christian Baum (Chief Technical Officer of the corporate group) further adds that “This accreditation strengthens the entire BUHLMANN GROUP in an area that is both challenging and highly sensitive.”

Wide range of manufacturing services and products

The bps machining facility can now process components with a nominal diameter of DN 1200 and a length of 12 metres. The range of manufacturing services and products features an emphasis on the processing and reworking of tubes, flanges and pipe accessories in all standard diameters and wall thicknesses, in accordance with AD 2000 W0. The range also includes the manufacture of fittings, flanges and custom components, such as eccentric and concentric reducers, caps and reinforcement collars. Frank Heller: “Since we also have our own capacities in the layout and construction of pressure-sustaining components, there are no limits on satisfying the customer’s desires throughout the entire development process.” Customers of the BUHLMANN GROUP can now benefit from a complete service package, including conceptualization, layout, calculation and manufacturing.

piping for a sludge treatment facility

Cadolzburg, April 2012bps manufactures piping for a sludge treatment facility for a French–Chinese joint venture in Hong Kong. BPS is also responsible for pipe coating, seaworthy packing in wooden boxes and shipping of the packed container including clearing the goods for export.