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BPS for Iberdrola S.A.

Cadolzburg, August 2014

In August 2014 Iberdrola S.A., a Spanish company with headquarters in Bilbao, placed a special large order. For building a heat and power station in Berlin-Lichterfelde the power generation and distribution company requested a material supply and prefabrication of pipes for the high-pressure part and the special parts. The tonnage of the pipelines accounts to about 560 tons. “The peculiarity of this order is the requirements on the processed material because it has to withstand high operating temperatures. To ensure the heat resistance we used the materials P91, 13CrMo4-5 and 16Mo3”, said Frank Heller, bps’ CEO.

Iberdrola S.A. serves over 16 million customers of which nine million are located in Spain. In addition to generating electricity from wind and water, the company also distributes natural gas and is involved in the operation of five nuclear power plants in Spain.

BPS for Doosan BPS for Doosan Škoda Power s.r.o.

Cadolzburg, August 2014

Doosan Škoda Power s.r.o. is part of the customer base of bps for already two years. The company with its expansion course strategy commissioned the bps again. 90 tons of material was ordered by Doosan for building a biomass plant in Vertan, Sweden. Bps was responsible for the prefabrication and the dispatch. Among other things the prefabrication included the production of Flash-Boxes, T-pieces, reducers, diverse turning and milling components as well as the spool-fabrication according to isometrics. The order was processed within a short time. “We’re pleased about delivering material for Doosan Škoda Power s.r.o. once again. This order proved our efficiency with regard to the prefabrication of tube-spools and special parts”, said Frank Heller, bps’ CEO.

Doosan Škoda Power is a subsidiary of the international operating Doosan Group. Its headquarters is based in Pilsen, Czech Republic. The company is an OEM steam turbine designer and manufacturer that provide systems, components and maintenance services to fossil and nuclear power generation plants, municipal waste-to-energy and biomass incineration plants. Besides Doosan manufactures petrochemicals application that requires turbo generator technology.


With immediate effect the bps is one of the top ten suppliers of Doosan


Zero defects, delivery precision and cost efficiency – these three issues are fulfilled by bps to 100 percent. Good reasons to appreciate the efforts in a special manner. The Full-Service-Provider for pipeline and plant construction with its headquarters in Cadolzburg has received the 'Excellent Supplier Award 2014', assigned by Doosan Škoda Power to outstanding suppliers every year. 'We are very pleased about the award' emphasizes Frank Heller, bps’ CEO. With immediate effect bps is listed as a strategic partner. Overall Doosan cooperates with 580 main suppliers, with this award the bps is part of the top ten. 'We can be very proud of ourselves, especially regarding the short period of time of our collaboration', adds the CEO. The Director of Procurement & Sourcing of Doosan, Luděk Votava, additionally accentuated this aspect during the award ceremony. On rare occasions business relations develop as sustainable as the one between Doosan and bps during the last two years. 'Immediately we have recognized the beneficial effects of the pricing related to the prospective of awarding contracts. By now requests for projects in Chile and Denmark are announced short-term', complements Frank Heller.

Luděk Votava (Director of Procurement & Sourcing Doosan, left) congratulates Frank Heller (bps' CEO) to the 'Excellent Supplier Award 2014'
Frank Heller (bps' CEO, second row from below, fourth from left) and Nico Zausch (bps' Project Director, second row from below, fifth from left) are excited about the award

In-house welder training

Bernhard Damhjell, TÜV-Rheinland expert, Stefan Felbecker, bps welding expert and welding supervisor, and the two apprentices Tim Langguth and Florian Obergruber (left to right)

Cadolzburg, July 2014 – Premiere at BUHLMANN PROJECT SOLUTIONS (bps): for the first time, the industrial service provider for pipeline and plant engineering ran a complete in-house welding course.

In March this year the two apprentices Tim Langguth and Florian Obergruber successfully completed their welding examination in bps' in-house workshops in Cadolzburg. Both are currently undergoing training as plant mechanics, with a focus on plant engineering, in which highly specialised subjects are taught. 'For bps as a welding specialist, it appeared the obvious choice to locate this in the welding engineering section', explained Stefan Felbecker, bps' welding expert.

Now, instead of the examinations being held at an external facility, the theory and practice components were tested by the TÜV Rheinland expert, Bernhard Damhjell, directly on site – successfully: both apprentices were happy to receive their welding certificates at the end of the day. Stefan Felbecker: 'We are very pleased with this good result and are aiming to continue down this freshly beaten path.'

Three weeks preparation

Stefan Felbecker prepared the apprentices for the examination in an intensive three week training course in the in-house workshops. Welding was trained on a pipe, material 13CrMo4-5, using tungsten inert gas welding (method 141) in the positions PH (overhead/upwards/horizontal) and PC (horizontal). Felbecker: 'In order for the apprentices to also weld pressure equipment in our production facility, the examination had to be held in front of an expert from a named agency.'

New heavyweight extends potential

Extremely powerful: the new travelling column milling machine

Cadolzburg, November 2013 – BUHLMANN-PROJECT-SOLUTIONS recently invested in a new, powerful 4-axis travelling column milling machine with a 3,000 mm xaxis, 100 metres per minute linear drive and a detach able work compartment. The DMG DMF 300 Linear also has a 30 magazine tool changer and an infrared sensor system for precision workpiece measurement.

The new machine is capable of manufacturing components up to 3,000 mm length. In addition, the milling head swivels 90° in either direction, allowing workpieces to be machined from different angles in the same chuck position. Jan Staubitzer, Manager Mechanical Production at BUHLMANN-PROJECT-SOLUTIONS, says: "The extremely high travel speed, combined with the very fast tool-change magazine and the detachable work compartment ensures effi cient, high-volume machining."